About Bijou


When I was a child, the store at 810 Bridge was Lee Jewelry, a beautiful shop with gleaming window displays.   In honor of that history, I named my shop Bijou, the French word for jewel.   With Bijou’s offering of French treats, like macarons, crepes, and petit fours, it was my aim to turn Bijou into a jewel on the Humboldt square.

Like many small towns in Kansas, Humboldt’s downtown had been crumbling for years.  But then a movement began, and we joined.  We remodeled the 100-year-old building with an eye towards giving locals a place for sweets and treats.  

But the outpouring of demand for our macarons has grown and now we ship them to customers nationwide!   We’d love for you to try them, too.  


If you’re near Humboldt, Kansas, come stay at Bijou Apartment, above the store.   See more about it at Airbnb.